Create A Mood

We all know that a great party starts with a great guest list.  Things like delicious eats and killer entertainment for friends enhance the day…but how about creating the right atmosphere?  Whether your target vibe is super chill, or perhaps your aiming for raging adrenaline, everyone has a mood that they envision.  One way to get there is by looking to your pool for assistance.  Going back to that super chill vibe, a serene waterfall with the peaceful sounds of nature and feel good lighting can get you there.  For something more upbeat, fountains soaring high in pulsing and bold colors along with bubblers to splash in certainly do the trick.
So regardless of the mood you are looking to achieve, your poolside automation entertainment settings can be a sure fire way to set it and forget it. So be it big or small, leverage your poolside oasis as icing on the cake to set your mood and take that party to the next level.

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