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That Was Easy

One key component that we strived to achieve when designing The Attendant interface was to ensure its usability for all parties involved, and across all platforms.  Implementing unique experiences that appear both logically on the screen, in addition to being consistent in the actions performed was extremely important to us to accomplish.  This had to hold true from our mobile platform through to the controller touchscreen display.

Thoughtful User Experiences

The Setup Wizard gets your system up and running quickly.  Once The Attendant is wired up and turned on, the system will walk you through a series of questions about the pool setup (size, sensors installed, etc.) in order to get you started.  After the initial interview process is completed, you will be prompted to further refine your pool setup via the Visual Flow Designer and Service Mode.

The Attendant has a unique Visual Flow Configuration Tool that allows you to visualize how water flows through the system.  We’ve coined this as the Visual Flow Designer (VFD).  The VFD is used by the pool professional or power user to quickly add equipment and design your pool in The Attendant mobile app based on the way the system has been plumbed.  This allows the system to understand where equipment is located, how flow changes will impact the bodies of water and what equipment is used for which features.

The Attendant mobile app provides a feature first view of the pool and spa system to make it much easier for end users to understand what they are turning on or off.  This is a dramatic departure from how the industry has built mobile interfaces to date and we believe is an easier interface to learn and use.  While this layer of abstraction is great for the end user, it does create some challenges for pool pro’s who will be working on your pool.  To satisfy the needs of the pool pro, as their time and voice had to be heard as well, we have added Service Mode to the application; this mode is perfect for adding new equipment, troubleshooting issues, calibrating sensors and configuring operation parameters.

Themes by themselves are not a new or revolutionary idea in pool automation.  In fact, you would have questioned us if we didn’t offer the ability to configure the pool ambiance just the way you like it and tap save to replay it later.  What we have designed in The Attendant are Theme Macros, or the ability to play themes back in a customizable playlist that allows you to sequence your favorite themes together.  It’s almost like a Spotify playlist for your pool themes!

The Attendant mobile app provides a new and fun way for end users to interact with their pool system that we call the Visual Card Interface.  Cards on the app home screen provide insights into your pool performance, information on what’s running (and why!), upcoming events and pending software updates and more.  Keeping this information front and center in the app allows the end user to get a better understanding of what’s happening as well as allow them to pause or cancel those actions should they wish to. 

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