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Go Green – It’s a catchy color!

While it’s not usually something homeowners think too hard about when planning a pool or spa addition to their backyard, normal operations of a pool can add unexpected energy costs…while having a negative effect on the environment.  If you’re not careful about the equipment you install, this impact can be significant.  That’s not to say there hasn’t been a number of improvements made in pool pad technology over recent years to increase the efficiency of those units; it’s that these devices all work independently of one another, oddly enough even when sourced from the same vendor.

How The Attendant Can Help

The Attendant is a vendor agnostic automation system that has been engineered to manage the energy usage of the entire pool system.  It marry’s the individual capabilities of each piece of pool equipment together to tune your pool to be as efficient as possible.  The Attendant takes into account multiple factors when determining the optimal time to perform routine maintenance activities, sanitization and preparing for scheduled events.

Performance Factors include:

Local energy consumption rates 

The size of your pool 

Capabilities of the pump(s) 

Water temperature

Chemical generation capabilities

Desired swim time

Offsetting these actions to a lower rate time helps drive the homeowners energy bill down, in addition to lowering the overall environmental impact the pool system has on the environment.

So while having your pool turn green is a really bad idea (and gross!), The Attendant can help your pool go green and save you some green as well!

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