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Light up my life!

Pool lights can possibly be one of the most frustrating experiences for a pool owner.  The fact that you need to turn a switch on and off again over and over to change the light color or brightness is very outdated, to say the least.  Modern lighting technology is everywhere in your home today, but could it be that it hasn’t extended to the pool pad?

There is in fact a better technology out there that has been introduced to the pad over the last few years called digital multiplex or DMX for short.  At a very high level, DMX lighting communicates over a data cable and uses an addressing system for light colors and features that the light supports.   DMX lights have the capability to control colors and light intensity via a color wheel and not from a predefined, limited set of colors.

Why Would I Want This?

The Attendant is the first pool automation system to offer full control and programming capabilities of DMX lights.  Outside of the obvious color selections, The Attendant gives you complete access to the light’s color palette.  Yes, you can have that perfect shade of green you’ve been longing for; or feel the serenity of basking in a pool with the perfect orange hue.  In addition to color and intensity, The Attendant is the first pool automation system to allow you to set up custom light shows.  Using our unique light show designer, you can create a show using your favorite colors, specify the length and intensity of the light as well as specify the light transition properties (smooth, hard, etc.).

The Attendant paired with DMX lights offers a path forward from the dark ages of the medieval pool and spa lighting.  Programmable lights are a no-brainer to use in your pool!

Check out our YouTube channel for more details.