Make Your Mark

If contacting you was a frictionless experience that customers could do directly from their pool automation app, would this benefit your business?  If you could put the right equipment on the truck before making a service call, would this increase your customer satisfaction?

If so, it may be time to start thinking about how to leverage the modern technology that customers desire from a pool automation system, while furthermore marketing your services.  Thankfully, The Attendant Powered by Poolside Tech offers several ways to help you passively market your business and services while enhancing your customer service.

Branded mobile app

The Poolside Attendant mobile app allows you as the designated service pro to brand the app with your company logo, reminding your customer that you are there to assist.  This appears each and every time your customer starts up the app as well as on the Main Menu.

Help and Support

Off of the Main Menu of the mobile app is our Help and Support page.  This page is also branded with your company logo and business contact information.  This puts you one tap away from a phone or email conversation with your customer. Communication is critical and so is simplifying any steps possible.

Service Alerts

For each of your customers, you can review all outstanding alerts via the Customers screen.  These are the same alerts that your customer will see on their app but in a condensed format for review. If you notice that there is an issue at one of your customers’ sites that requires attention, you can reach out to them proactively to schedule a service call, avoiding any frustration and taking a prompt approach at meeting their needs.

Shown is Adam Steele, CBP, Steele’s Signature Pools. This boutique firm is continually innovating swimming pool design, with each pool being uniquely tailored to the homeowner. Adam and his team are experienced professionals who pride themselves on exceeding their customers expectations. For that, we are proud to have Steele’s Signature Pools as one of our authorized dealers. steelespools.com