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Built-in is better

Homeowners and Pool Professionals have been longing for pool automation systems to include water leveling capabilities.  The benefits to an integrated system are saving money by not having to purchase and install two separate products, but also offering the ability to remotely monitor and configure their water leveling system all from one centralized app.

The team at Poolside Tech is pleased to announce the release of built-in Water Leveling for The Attendant.  This new software module replaces legacy systems such as the Jandy Levolor or Pentair IntelliLevel.  As all software updates and feature enhancements are included in the price of The Attendant, the only cost to our users are the water level sensor and solenoid valve needed.

How does this Water Leveling feature work?

A typical water leveling system consists of a water level sensor and a solenoid valve, along with a computer module to activate the solenoid and monitor the system.  The Attendant can be configured to read the water level sensor and react to it by opening the solenoid valve to refill the pool.  Alerts will be generated if water is filling for too long, along with a standard automatic shutoff to avoid runaway filling.  Additionally, The Attendant is the only system on the market where the water leveling system can be remotely reconfigured, enabled or disabled in the event of a stuck water level sensor.

The Attendant has the ability to track the runtime of the water leveling system and alert the homeowner (and pool service pro) if the system has added more water than the desired daily limit.  Homeowners and service teams can also review all fill events via the Water Quality screen off of the Hamburger menu in the Poolside Attendant app.

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