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Elevate the experience

Homeowners are demanding unique ways to enhance the entertaining experience past the home and into the backyard.  Anyone who has visited Las Vegas or taken their family to EPCOT knows how impressive light shows look when synced to great music. The team at Poolside Tech is proud to introduce our latest crowd-pleasing feature, syncing your DMX pool and landscape lights to Spotify®.

Traditionally, homeowners have been locked into buying legacy pool lights from the Big 3 manufacturers.   While these lights certainly do offer a few colors and shows, they are limited in their legacy technology, needing to be clicked on and off with a relay or light switch.   When you purchase one of these legacy lights, you are also locked into the color choices from the manufactures and their predefined light shows such as “Voodoo Lounge” or “Romance Mode”.  These limited colors and shows were invented over 20 years ago and are not what homeowners have come to expect from technology today.

With the upgrade to DMX lighting, you can create your own colors and light intensity via a color wheel as The Attendant grants you full access to the light’s color palette. In addition to creating your own colors and custom shows, you can now sync your DMX light shows to your Spotify® playlist.   At your next party, your lights can be in sync with your music, wowing your guests with your outdoor entertaining space. 

The Attendant provides complete show mixing capabilities to make it easy to create these exciting shows.  You get to control which shows are played and how they pulse or strobe to the beat, for how many beats you should stay on a color, etc.   If you have Phillips® Color Hue bulbs in your home, this functionality would be similar to what you are accustomed to.

Whether you are building a new pool, doing a renovation or simply replacing a pool light, be sure to buy modern pool and landscape lighting from Poolside Tech partners such as PAL Lighting.

And if you’re looking for a 5-star escape like the oasis captured in the video, contact Adam Steele at Steele’s Signature Pools.