• Chemistry,  Features,  Nature

    Your Pool is Gross!

    How many of you have left home for a week to return to the horror of a cesspool in your backyard.  It is not a pretty sight, nor is it easy to contend with.  Unfortunately for the majority of pool owners, maintaining a constant eye on your pool chemistry is not feasible. For those of us that don’t have a PhD in Chemistry, getting our poolside oasis back to its former glory can be painful and time consuming.  The balancing act of chemicals, pH and chlorine is crucial for your pool to remain a happy place where folks want to take a dip. Get the pH in Balance Getting your pH into…

  • Creative,  Technology

    That Was Easy

    One key component that we strived to achieve when designing The Attendant interface was to ensure its usability for all parties involved, and across all platforms.  Implementing unique experiences that appear both logically on the screen, in addition to being consistent in the actions performed was extremely important to us to accomplish.  This had to hold true from our mobile platform through to the controller touchscreen display. Thoughtful User Experiences The Setup Wizard gets your system up and running quickly.  Once The Attendant is wired up and turned on, the system will walk you through a series of questions about the pool setup (size, sensors installed, etc.) in order to get you…

  • Lifestyle

    Start The Day Positive

    Some of us start the day by pushing ourselves at the gym, while others find balance with yoga or reduce stress with meditation.  Perhaps you are a child of the water where your day is kickstarted by splashing around.  That fluid water element influences your mood and prepares you for the day ahead of you.  Technology should ensure that your poolside oasis is ready when you are.  Define your morning swim preference with the touch of a button so that your pool is just right and your focus can remain where it should be, on what comes next.

  • Creative

    Create A Mood

    We all know that a great party starts with a great guest list.  Things like delicious eats and killer entertainment for friends enhance the day…but how about creating the right atmosphere?  Whether your target vibe is super chill, or perhaps your aiming for raging adrenaline, everyone has a mood that they envision.  One way to get there is by looking to your pool for assistance.  Going back to that super chill vibe, a serene waterfall with the peaceful sounds of nature and feel good lighting can get you there.  For something more upbeat, fountains soaring high in pulsing and bold colors along with bubblers to splash in certainly do the trick. So…

  • Efficiency

    Friends Gather Here

    Just like the kitchen is where guests flock inside the home, your pool has become the outside hotspot for friends to convene.  Make the atmosphere an extension of you, your style as well as your values.  The technology and efficiency you demand inside the home should not stop at your backdoor.  Choose an automation system that provides ease of use along with a modern feel, but most importantly has energy solutions that you demand in the other aspects of your life.