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    Built-in is better

    Homeowners and Pool Professionals have been longing for pool automation systems to include water leveling capabilities.  The benefits to an integrated system are saving money by not having to purchase and install two separate products, but also offering the ability to remotely monitor and configure their water leveling system all from one centralized app. The team at Poolside Tech is pleased to announce the release of built-in Water Leveling for The Attendant.  This new software module replaces legacy systems such as the Jandy Levolor or Pentair IntelliLevel.  As all software updates and feature enhancements are included in the price of The Attendant, the only cost to our users are the water level…

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    Worry Free FILLing!

    Homeowners and Pool Professionals are always on alert that a pool autofill device can run away without anyone being the wiser.  No one wants to receive a large water bill at the end of the month due to an undetected leak in the pool.  AND no one wants a stuck autofill system overflowing the pool into the yard. Pool Professionals spoke out with a need, and we were all ears. The team at Poolside Tech is pleased to announce the release of Fill Switch Support for The Attendant. Fill switch support allows you to track how much water is going into your pool using an autofill system, in addition to alerting you…

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    Stuck In The Middle With You

    One of the limitations in the pool automation industry for as long as anyone can remember has been the one pump to one active feature rule.  While not a hard rule, this basically means that pool automation systems are incapable of allowing a single pump to activate more than one water feature at a time.  Of course you can do this manually by walking over to the pool pad and moving a valve manually, but it hasn’t been done with any automation system until now. The Attendant is proud to announce that our patented Valve in the Middle technology is now available!  This groundbreaking technology allows you to activate two or more…

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    Time for something smarter

    Not all pool owners are alike. Some are technical and understand the inner workings of the pumps, actuators, heaters and blowers. They know what to turn on in tandem and what actions lead to negative results. Then there are others who just want it to simply work. One thing we believe all pool owners can agree on is that it’s time for their pools to get smarter. By smarter, I don’t mean having the ability to turn a waterfall on from my phone type of smart that competitors are offering today. The type of smart I expect is making decisions for me in order to protect my investment and reduce my energy…

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    Go Green – It’s a catchy color!

    While it’s not usually something homeowners think too hard about when planning a pool or spa addition to their backyard, normal operations of a pool can add unexpected energy costs…while having a negative effect on the environment.  If you’re not careful about the equipment you install, this impact can be significant.  That’s not to say there hasn’t been a number of improvements made in pool pad technology over recent years to increase the efficiency of those units; it’s that these devices all work independently of one another, oddly enough even when sourced from the same vendor. How The Attendant Can Help The Attendant is a vendor agnostic automation system that has been…

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    Friends Gather Here

    Just like the kitchen is where guests flock inside the home, your pool has become the outside hotspot for friends to convene.  Make the atmosphere an extension of you, your style as well as your values.  The technology and efficiency you demand inside the home should not stop at your backdoor.  Choose an automation system that provides ease of use along with a modern feel, but most importantly has energy solutions that you demand in the other aspects of your life.