So many of our homes are connected and communicating with us, having the intelligence to implement features that save on energy and reduce costs. Why had this not been the case for pool automation?

The Attendant: At Your Service, PoolPro Magazine, March/April 2022, Page 18

Prior to using this automation, I’ve been limited in the sense that, for whatever reason, I may want to use X lights, Y pumps, and maybe Z automation on a particular pool. Before, I couldn’t do that. I’d have to find the same for all three to do the pool. Where with this automation, I can pick whatever lights, pumps or heater I want.

The Attendant – The First Multilingual Panel, AQUA Magazine, March 2022, Page 53

The Attendant is the first pool automation system to offer full control and programming capabilities of DMX lights, giving you access to its complete color palette and allowing you to set up custom light shows.

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Poolside Tech provides smart pool automation technology. Their flagship product, The Attendant, actively monitors and maintains all equipment on the pad. It makes operational decisions, improving water quality and sending real time notifications when equipment malfunctions.

Unleashing Pool Automation’s Potential with Poolside Tech, Pool Chasers, Episode 194

In todays market where supply chain issues and product availability can cause challenges, The Attendant takes the worry away and allows you to chose the best in class for each piece of equipment on the pad.

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The Attendant takes into account multiple factors when determining the optimal time to perform routine maintenance activities, sanitization and preparing for scheduled events.

Pool Nation Awards 2022, Innovative Product of the Year Nominee, October 2022

With today’s pool owner being savvier than ever, there has never been a better time for pool builders to embrace the kind of technological change The Attendant brings to the pool industry.

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