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    Elevate the experience

    Homeowners are demanding unique ways to enhance the entertaining experience past the home and into the backyard.  Anyone who has visited Las Vegas or taken their family to EPCOT knows how impressive light shows look when synced to great music. The team at Poolside Tech is proud to introduce our latest crowd-pleasing feature, syncing your DMX pool and landscape lights to Spotify®. Traditionally, homeowners have been locked into buying legacy pool lights from the Big 3 manufacturers.   While these lights certainly do offer a few colors and shows, they are limited in their legacy technology, needing to be clicked on and off with a relay or light switch.   When you…

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    Start The Day Positive

    Some of us start the day by pushing ourselves at the gym, while others find balance with yoga or reduce stress with meditation.  Perhaps you are a child of the water where your day is kickstarted by splashing around.  That fluid water element influences your mood and prepares you for the day ahead of you.  Technology should ensure that your poolside oasis is ready when you are.  Define your morning swim preference with the touch of a button so that your pool is just right and your focus can remain where it should be, on what comes next.